Sabelpoot (Booted Bantams) is a beautiful and charming bird, which appear in lots of lovely colours. They have a very calm friendly character and quickly get attach to you - this is "our" breed and the ones we for sure will always have at our place. It's a Dutch breed which is several hundred years old. The breed have had many names when one looks back, and especially mille-fleur is one of the most known ones - a name that means "thousand flowers", which they got because of the "porcelain colour" they often have.  We have Sabelpoot's in 4 different colours : lemon-porcelain, gold-porcelain, isabel-porcelain, and a few buff mottled-porcelain (yellow-white).

We also have a small group of Serama chickens. It is the smallest breed of chickens in the world. It's a rather "new" breed, developed in Malaysia where it has outnumbered dogs and cats as most popular pet - often kept inside the houses like birds. Serama can be as small as 250 gram (in some cases even less) but the smallest ones can have fertility problems . Here in Europe we mainly follow a standard with max. 500 grams in weight, however larger birds can produce small and opposite. Serama has a lovely character and is a beautiful breed which comes in lots of different colours. It's a bird with a proud stature and their breast is held high/upright. We have fallen completely in love with the breed and they have been perfect to keep together with our sabelpoot.

Besides sabelpoot and serama which are the ones we breed, we also have a small group of different chickens to produce eggs all kinds of lovely colours. Maran who produce dark brown eggs, Araucana who lay blue egg and a "mixed" breed we bred to produce light olive-green eggs. Last but not least we have some cute Silkies who are used as extra "mothers" to our babies.

All our chickens spend their days free out in our fenced garden or in our closed courtyard, we also have a small fenced area just outside the henhouse which can be used for the few days where they for some reason can't be the other places - and night they are kept inside a closed house. Our chickens can be outside together with our dogs without any problems at all and it's so funny when all the animals are "begging" at the table when we eat on the terrace in the summer.

Summer 2012
Serama, Sabelpoot and Serama babies (with their Silkie & Sabelpoot "moms"

Spring 2012
Pictures of our Sabelpoot, Araucana, Serama, Silkies etc


Pictures from 2011

Pictures from Autumn 2010


Buff-mottled Porcelain Sabelpoot (4 month old)


Lemon - Porcelain Sabelpoot (4 month old)


Isabel - Porcelain Sabelpoot


Gold - Porcelain Sabelpoot


Isabel-Porcelain Colour (Bertam with Lulu & Lola)


Gold-Porcelain Colour (Marie and two poor girls without any names yet)


The big and nice new "house" Lars made when we decided to have birds again

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